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We’re On Mission To Help Business Grow Faster Thanever.

As a UX/UI designer, web designer, and SEO specialist, I bring extensive experience in web, app, and responsive design, graphic design, programming, and UX research to every project I work on. With a proven track record of creating and managing over 500 websites worldwide, I have helped businesses in a variety of industries, including Medical, Beauty, Jewelry, Fashion, Business Services, and Banking, increase their target market visibility and sales, and reposition themselves as leaders within their industries.


Our Services

Created & managed 700+ global websites. Enhanced visibility & sales for target markets. Provided UX/UI design, prototype & SEO services.

Web Design

We’ve designed and managed 700+ websites for businesses worldwide, incorporating the latest digital marketing trends to boost visibility and sales, prioritizing visual appeal and user experience. As a sought-after developer and consultant, we tailor our services to each client’s unique needs.


Responsible for delivering the best online user experience, which makes my role extremely important for success and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SEO Services

We optimize websites for top Google search rankings with our design expertise, giving us an advantage over other SEO companies.

AI Development

With our advanced AI generator, you can create compelling and SEO-optimized articles in just a matter of minutes. Our AI technology is designed to take your topic or keyword and generate high-quality content that is tailored to your specific needs.

WordPress Development

we offer top-notch WordPress Development services! Our team of skilled developers work tirelessly to create custom designs and features for your website, all while ensuring seamless functionality.

Figma Development

We specialize in developing apps that are user-friendly and visually appealing. As experts in the field of design, we use a cutting-edge tool called Figma to create banners and logos that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our designers are skilled in crafting intricate designs that are ready for even the most complicated app functions.

Over 2500 businesses have been growing with Ibdesign Studio over the past 25 years."

Our Works

Ibdesign Studio’s Core Values are: Relatedness, Teamwork, Creation & Responsiveness. We offer powerful and effective websites that are affordable to all businesses, whether in New York or across the globe. All of our services come with hands-on support. We will work closely with you to create a beautiful site that will get you near or at the top of Google’s search results.

delivery service - ecommerce

We made an app for Venn Gym Pass.

“In 2023, the gym app launched with complete UX/UI design including user research, competitive analysis, prototypes, and more.”

APP - DEvelopment

We have developed a Patient experience surveys

Complete the design of all parts of the Institution/Department Grade application.

Institution_department grade in various indices
delivery service - ecommerce

We have developed more then 700 websites

We’ve designed and managed 700+ websites for businesses worldwide,  we tailor our services to each client’s unique needs.



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My company reached more travelers than most NY competitors.


Three months ago I founded a tour company called Kol Tours. I found Irit she is extremely talented and highly skilled at digital marketing. After building me a terrific website, within just three months my company reached more travelers than most of the current New York based competitors in the industry. If anyone needs a skilled digital marketer or website designer, I would highly recommend using Irit”s services.

Joseph Sokolsky: Kol Tours - Owner
Joseph Sokolsky
Kol Tours - Owner

Our amazing site is on Google's first page!


I met Irit about 9 years ago through a mutual friend. After a lot of difficulties at first. We work together and I have great site that does not stop surprising me and its on the first page on Google! It does not matter where it is on the globe the Work is done very fast ! Thanks for everything…

Haim Giladi:
Owner of Electric Motorcycles Company, Israel

She provides fast and professionally designed websites.


I have been working with Irit for several years on several websites. She always gives me professionally designed websites. She is especially good if you need fast service. If you work with Go Daddy or some other large company, it may be cheaper, but you don”t get the service or quality. Her sites are very custom. She is also available 24 hours a day if you need her help.

Stan Conway
Owner Founders Cap LLC. | Venture Capital NYC

Quick turnaround. No middlemen to slow things down.


Quick turnaround. No middlemen to slow things down. A professional look that is not like everybody else’s web site. I was initially skeptical about how SEO would impact our professional services but I am now a believer. This really makes it easy for other professionals find us. I only had to share details about our company and our services, Ibdesign was able to do the rest

David Nygard, CCP
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Several Things Define Us As a Company

Ibdesign Studio is a leading web design and digital marketing solutions provider that meets the specialized requirements of small to mid-size companies, medical organizations and non-profit agencies. Drawing upon many years of experience, the knowledge and expertise of Ibdesign Studio employees help communities serve over 700 web site owners. Ibdesign Studio powers your web experience.