UI/UX case study for Mezze Restaurant NY App and Website design

case study for Mezze Restaurant NYC

Intro: Full UI/UX design, website building, logo design, takeaway app design and connection, and website promotion.

Objective: To create a user-friendly website allowing simultaneous mobile ordering and table reservations.

Planning: The first step in my planning phase is to analyze research findings and group them through Affinity Diagram, a process that categorizes insights into design opportunities.

Project Goals: To create a restaurant website that is easily accessible and simple to order from.

Functionality: The website structure allows clients to freely navigate and place orders. 

Admin Panel:  I provide clients with an admin panel that they can change.

Elements: Grid, fonts, colors, and a mobile order form integration.

Tech Stack: I utilize a special back office to provide clients with everything they need.

Client review: 5-star rating, 400% sales increase, and first-page Google ranking.

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Design Principles