I was  responsible for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements.
My responsibility is to deliver an outstanding user experience providing an exceptional and intuitive application design.

Responsible for delivering the best online user experience, which makes my role extremely important for success and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

I designed ideas using various methods in the latest technology. Including designing graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs, forms, and widgets.

I am grounded in the marketplace with longtime experiences as a UI/Web designer and SEO Specialist,
and My employers see me as a trusted advisor to them and I am now looking to contribute to high-tech companies and corporations where I can share my experience and skills on a larger scale.

Throughout my career, I have perfected and created custom, powerful, and effective websites providing hands-on support.

I specialize in Figma and Photoshop and have a deep understanding of HTML and CSS and of all aspects of Banner Design, Organic SEO, PPC, Google maps, Branding, Site Management, Site Back Office, Hosting, and Domain, Google Plus, Managing, online stores, DNS settings.

UX & UI Design

The Elements of Design & Visual Hierarchy

What is UX (User Experience) Design?

A user-focused approach to designing products and services Considers how a person feels when interacting with a product or service
Studies a person’s attitudes, behaviors, and actions
Considers aspects such as usability and efficiency
Balances user and business needs, and technological constraints

What is UI (User Interface) Design?

Creates the visual component of a product (the UI) which is how a user interacts (interfaces) with a product
Combines information hierarchy, interaction design, visual design (typography, color, graphics, etc.), and more. It’s one component of the user experience

UI Affects UX

The UI elements (buttons, tabs, menus, accordions, etc) all affect how easy or hard it is to use a product.

Good UI design makes interactions intuitive.
Example: The style/color of a button can draw attention to it, or make it harder to see. Some things you want to stand out, some you don’t.
Example: Putting something deep inside a menu will ensure fewer people see it.

Here are some Samples of UX/UI design Projects:

Some of the case studies of my works: I designed, created, and managed over 700 websites worldwide. Including designing graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs, forms, and widgets. Logos, ads, and banners Here are some Samples of my UX Projects: